Outdoor Room Interior Reveal

You might have noticed there has been a lot of updating going on around here. It seems when you're a homeowner everything starts to need attention at once. My most recent transformation and fix was on my little backyard cottage. The exterior had begun to show significant signs of wear and tear. I partnered with Canadian Tire and their Premier paint line to redo the outside to prohibit any further deterioration while the weather is nice. The best outcome was loving the new update. (see last post) At the same time I decided it would be wise to tackle the inside as well. The cork flooring which had been repurposed or upcycled from another project had suffered serious fading. I've had painted floors before and loved them so I decided to take the plunge and update the space with a fresh new colour underfoot.
I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.
Here is a glimpse at the before. I never did love that floor but it hadn't occurred to me to paint it. To see what the space used to look like when I first completed it in 2010 visit (here).
I used Premier paint in exterior grade with a flat finish. This way it will hold up better to drastic temperature fluctuations given this space isn't insulted or heated. I also kept in mind that it's scrubbable as well which is obviously an important consideration for a floor. The paint itself went on really well and covered evenly. And possibly the best part- no VOCs mean no smelly fumes in this tiny space that can get very hot on summer days. 
I haven't had the chance to visit much since it's been completed but I'm looking forward to some downtime in here with a book. We've even moved a little tv out here on a rainy night for a family movie... almost makes me hope for rain. 
Would you paint a floor in your space? If so what colour? xo e

Post sponsored by Canadian Tire Premier Paint Line. Styling, opinions and images my own.


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