Around Here : Master Plus Bathroom Reno Update

So I'm that girl... the one who almost always takes on more than I should, especially when it comes to projects around the house. I like to give myself the excuse that it seems everything is dated all at once. Home fix ups have that domino effect that leads you by the hand from one room to the next though right?
master bedroom Amber Interiors
I started working on my home office last year (reveal here) and my plan was to move on to my bedroom. At some point in between the bathroom had mildew specks on the ceiling and painting the space somehow turned into a new vanity purchase. Long story short the master and bathroom have been taking up my time neck in neck but I'm nearing the end. (thank goodness)
Here's a little update on where I'm at. I'm luring you in with a pretty a inspiration picture first so that my iPhone photos can hide out at the bottom... but the truth is even this rough phase is exciting. I can't wait to finish these two spaces. I still have several things to coordinate with the bedroom and the bath.
As soon as they're done I'm planning a quick update project at the side entrance of my home plus a big project outside and then I'm moving on to a kitchen update. I'm hoping to get a couple of years out of the existing kitchen but it's starting to feel worn down, so I'll start on some simple cost effective ways to spruce it up. That's what I've been up to. Can't wait to share the reveals.
Master Bedroom Update Erica Cook
Click link to see what finished bed will look like. (here) I also need to order a mattress! 
Bathroom Update White Vanity Brushed Brass Hardware
The vanity is in the space but needs some serious modifications to accommodate water lines and drainage. Fingers crossed that my plumber can work around the drawers. Reveal of both coming soon. xo e


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