Home Office Reveal : How To Make Your Workspace Happy

It's been a while in the making, but I'm so happy to reveal my home office update with The Mine. I'd shared in a getting personal post before (here) that it was filled with boxes and had become a storage space after the flood I had a while back. I also shared a preview of the looks I was considering (here)
Erica Cook Home Office Update Books Desk Lamp Snake Plant
Erica Cook Office Update Shelf Styling
Here's what I did:
The walls, ceiling and built in shelves all received a new coat of paint. The old track lighting is out and replaced with a fixture that makes my heart flutter. There's a new office chair, area rugs, soft furnishings, plants and a few accessories. (I'll take any reason I can get to order a new candle!)
I partnered with The Mine and set out to find pieces that would work in this room but also created a sense of continuity with the rest of my home. I love how easy the site is to navigate. I was able to pop in different parameters to narrow my search fields and find some truly great additions.

I started with a white desk and office chair for my base pieces and figured I'd weave black and neutral accents into the space. I thought hard about how I work and the primary functions that needed to be covered in this room. Aside from working on my computer at my desk I find that I'm often on conference calls, so I picked out a cushy bench and cushions to recline a bit while talking.

I had existing lower cabinets that I decided to keep. I swapped out the hardware as this is absolutely the easiest way to give them a whole new look. A set of layered area rugs soften the space underfoot and give some dimension with texture. The addition of a new round mirror bounces light around the space and creates a simple yet impactful focal point.

I cleared out many of my books and kept only the ones I truly love (most tucked away inside the cabinets) while the rest of the books I kept displayed all coincide with a colour scheme on each shelf. I love the striking visual balance it creates when layered with other decor items. I added several plants as well to evoke that calm, clean air feeling to a workspace.

I took the time to seriously think about what I could instil in this space to inspire me while I work. 
I came up with some tips. The most important thing about creating an inspiring work space is to think about your needs and incorporate items that make you happy. For instance I need a desk and a place to sit that isn't just an office chair. I also needed a flat surface other than my desk to put files and products as I work through my day. From there I considered my other personal happy work necessities: a lit candle, music, fresh flowers and plants, etc,. To me this is what really makes the space impactful; the styling of vignettes and table surfaces. A desk might be beautiful but it will always just be a desk... it's the visual impact of the way you adorn these surfaces that makes them have personality. So I went full steam ahead creating as many little vignettes as I could. However the items I used to style weren't just random nick-nacks. I only layered in bits and pieces that mean something or bring happiness.

Shelf Vignette Diptyque Large Baies Candle Books Palo Santo Erica Cook
Erica Cook Home Office Update Framed Fortune Cookie paper
Each shelf has something of tremendous meaning on it... for instance this framed fortune from a fortune cookie I had whilst expecting my little guy. It's a reminder of family and the joy he brings. 
Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf Matches Books Candle
The carved wooden box on the left belonged to my late grandfather. It's a little way to remember him.
Erica Cook Home Office overhaul Shelf Styling with Cactus'
Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf Styling
Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf styling
Erica Cook Home Office Update String of Pearls Succulent Coco Chanel book
Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf Styling
Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf styling with books and succulents Erica Cook Home Office Update Shelf Styling
Erica Cook Home Office Update
Erica Cook Home Office Update
Erica Cook Home Office Update
Erica Cook Home Office Update 
Erica Cook Home Office Update
Erica Cook Home Office Update Desk Mirror Area rugs
Erica Cook Home Office Update Desk Tray Roses Vancouver Candle Co Candle
Erica Cook Home Office Update Justina Blakeney Cushion Loloi Cushion Shag
Erica Cook Home Office Update Sage sticks Jonathan Adler Box Acrylic Waterfall Nesting Tables
So there you have it. I'm so excited to actually start using the space. I've been working at the kitchen counter for months. Thanks as always for popping by and reading.  xo e

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This post was sponsored by The Mine. All styling, advice and opinions are my own. 


  1. WOW!!!! Oh, Erica, it’s absolutely incredible! I adore the transformation!

    1. Thanks Jordana! It's great to be working in the space. Wish you could see it in person. :) xo e

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! It feels fabulous to have it done. :) Hope you've been well. xo e

  3. Looks gorgeous! Can I ask where the ‘rusty’ chain is from? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! Thank you. I purchased the hand carved wooden chain on etsy. It wasn't necessarily easy to find. I've linked a similar one above for you that's actually reasonably priced too. I think I paid almost double. Hope this helps. :)

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  7. Workplace is the place wehere all your work has to be done and that place should be decent and looks more attractive. The carved wooden box is indeed attractive. I also have a wooden box on my desk. It makes me remind of my mom. All the stuff you have used looks so pretty and good for workplace. Thanks for sharing this one! modern reception desk


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