A Week In The Mountains : Buffalo Mountain Lodge

I recently spent a few days with my favourite people at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff. There's so much beauty in our own backyard, so to speak, in Canada and we often forget to explore. So we decided to spend some time immersed in the rugged beauty of the mountains all while comforted by the luxury of a CRM Resort. To say we had a great time is an understatement. The lodge itself is tucked away from the lively streets of Banff and nestled in the heart of Tunnel Mountain, enabling it to provide that feeling of solitude and peace we all desperately need from time to time.
Upon arriving at the main entrance of the lodge, you're greeted by a large open foyer and fireplace immediately inspiring cozy and welcoming vibes. The wooden architecture and decor accents are the epitome of refined log cabin luxury.
The main lodge restaurant, the Sleeping Buffalo Dining Room was incredible. The staff were all so friendly and extremely accommodating. The menu was great and when I inquired if a minor adjustment could be made to make something vegetarian the chef was more than accommodating. However, they also offer finer cuts of meat (Caribou and Elk) which Luke loved. The kids meals were very tempting too as Luke and I both found ourselves nibbling away at LL's cheese pizza. (he was full, promise!).
Breakfast the next morning was just as divine and we were happy to see some of the staff we'd seen the day before as they greeted us with big smiles.
A night cap by the main fire in the adjoining lounge is something I couldn't pass up either. These are the comfiest chairs, and we had the most delicious wine and cheese here.... I never wanted to leave.
Something we noticed that was small but very convenient was that the parking is located right outside your suite, so you don't have to travel far and do a ton of trips to get all of your luggage unloaded. Because let's be honest, getting away is all about winding down and taking a load off and not schlepping bags.
The large outdoor hot tub was a fun and much needed escape during the cold. It's hours were optimal for little ones during the day and we were reminded that adults could get more of a restful soak at night. (Open till 11:00 pm.)
It was truly amazing to wake up to this view of the wilderness from our room. I indulged in a quiet coffee and took in the fresh mountain air on the spacious patio right off our room in the early morning hours. So peaceful.
The views near by were spectacular. I find you always forget how beautiful and peaceful the mountains are until you're actually amongst them. Complete soul rejuvenation. And lung rejuvenation for that matter. LL sure loved venturing around and we made a day of exploring and site seeing. 
Who doesn't want a real fireplace in their room when visiting a lodge? No one, that's who. This was the best thing to look forward to after a day in the mountains and roaming around the busy shops in Banff. The fire comes fully prepared and ready to light- all you need to do is open the vent and strike a match.  Easy peasy. Staff comes around daily with wood or you can always call down and get it delivered, making it possible to never have to leave your room if desired.
This has a name for it. Oh, right, it's called heaven. Wine by a warm fire is the elixir of life.
Just to the right of the fire is an armoire with a tv which felt a little like the best of both worlds. If visiting with children, the front desk has a fun selection of DVD's to entertain littles for that pocket of time after dinner and before bed. There's even a good selection for adults if the fancy strikes.
The Buffalo Mountain Café, a secondary restaurant at the lodge, is wonderful for prepared sandwiches and coffee so you can get on with all the amazing activities Banff has to offer. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunches and assortment of baked goods for dessert.
The Café also has tons of CRMR kitchen goods, which I for one love. It's such a great way to bring home a little memento from your time spent AND I like that everything is made locally and supports small business.
Time spent here was well needed, and completely relaxing. Truth be told I can't wait to come back. To learn more about Buffalo Mountain Lodge  or book your own stay visit (here).   

This post was sponsored by CRMR. Opinions are my own.


  1. I almost feel more relaxed just reading this, sounds like such a wonderful stay!

    xx SANDY M

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