Weekend Edition : Raspberry Lemon Loaf

I'm always looking for something new to make for my family on weekends. It's also important to me to make something that can be taken to school for snacks for LL. A raspberry lemon loaf was the perfect thing. I recently came across this recipe I had in my little baking folder and thought I'd update it to suit the way I like to eat today. It just so happens that these pretty deep pinky red raspberries dotting this loaf might be a nice thing to keep in mind for Valentine's Day too. 
dish of fresh raspberries
This recipe used to call for butter... and a LOT of it. I substituted olive oil and greek yogurt. I'm by no means a nutrition expert, but I was happy to swap the butter out. 
I also cut the eggs back from 5 to 3.
pretty copper measuring cups next to eggs and batter
A little tip: when baking any sort of loaf I almost always reserve fruit to decorate the top. It just adds a thoughtful and decorative touch. 
pre-cooked raspberry lemon loaf in a pretty white and gold loaf pan
The end result was so moist and delicious. In fact it wasn't easy to photograph because some of the pieces fell apart on the plate. Needless to say I might have to make a couple more closer to the 14th. 
Raspberry lemon loaf on pretty gold and white plate with copper utensil

Erica Cook Raspberry Lemon Loaf Recipe

Happy Baking friends! xo e

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