Tips For A Perfect Valentine's Night In

Valentine's Day is one of the occasions that I really enjoy. Simply put, I love a day that celebrates love. This year I decided to take a slightly different approach to the occasion. I've been trying to incorporate ways to slow down in day to day life, practising Hygge and trying to be more in the now. With that in mind I decided that Valentine's Day shouldn't just be for couples to enjoy, but for everyone to enjoy.

This specific day has traditionally revolved around the conventional sense of love, being the love between individuals, which I think in a way has become quite an exclusionary celebration. Thus bringing me to the soulful notion of self-love and how this too should be celebrated. And even though this takes practise and should be at the forefront of our lives, let's be honest sometimes that can be quite difficult. So my suggestion is to take the day to remind yourself that you're beautiful and dive into all the great qualities you possess. All while enjoying a glass of wine and some chocolates of course ;)

For today's post I'm trying to come up with ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, that are fun, not necessarily conventional. won't break the bank and maybe.. just maybe.. encourage a little self love.
Here are some suggestions based on things I plan on doing. The great thing about blogging this stuff is that I often get to do the run through for photos and have a second experience on the actual day.
Set up... I sourced a bunch of things in my own home. The rest of the items I was able to get in one morning from Southcentre Mall, Crave Cupcakes, Amborella Floral Studio and Village Ice Cream.

The Single Girl Soirée: 
It's a weeknight and everyone has plans, but that's no reason to not celebrate. Take the night and celebrate you and just how amazing you are. Appreciate just how far you've come and focus on thoughts of encouragement about where you're going. A night in could include your favourite dinner, movie or a good book. Don't forget to romance yourself with some fresh flowers or a treat (the Village Frozen Strawberry Coconut Milk below was unreal). The scent of roses has been proven to be uplifting. Giving yourself an at home spa treatment with a rose scented mask is like a win win, good for your complexion and your soul. After that treat yourself to a Saje bath swish. There's a sweet little love note in the centre that will emerge when it's fully dissolved.
Cupcakes and Cashmere Home | Strawberry Coconut Milk - Village Ice Cream | Bowl + Copper Flatware + Marble Pastry Board - Crate & Barrel 

Galentines Get Together:
Have your favourite girls over for a night of all things delicious and pink. Planning an indoor picnic for my get together was pretty easy. It can be as in depth or as simple as you like. I found extra pillows and some blankets at home. I also had a few extra rosé bottles left over from a recent brunch. The rest of the stuff I picked up.

Romantic Night In: 
All winter we opt for soft clothes that are cozy, but for Valentine's Day why not opt for something pretty, silky and pink. I indulged a bit and treated myself to some new lotion and body mist. It's light and soft and so pretty. I couldn't resist. They're the cutest little cakes that say "I love you" from Crave, and I've discovered a little Moët is the perfect compliment. The rest is up to you. *wink
Victoria's Secret Satin Cami + Pant, Body Mist + Lotion

Family Love Picnic:
I planned a living room picnic for Lolly (my little guy) too. He's still delighted by the idea of Valentine's Day and I thought it would be fun to gather and have treats all while watching a movie together. First we started with a blanket and cushions for the floor. I went with the more washable variety this time. We snacked on Kernels Popcorn, Crave Cupcakes, Purdy's Chocolates and I got Lolly some of his favourite San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit drink. There's no reason the day can't be a celebration of family love too. 

Whatever celebration works best for you I hope this might be of inspiration. I hope you enjoy and take a little time to indulge. Happy Valentine's Day! xo e 


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