Thoughts and Projects 2018 : Plus Your Opinion

I've never really been one for New Years resolutions. I think I tried them a few times, they didn't stick and I resolved not to resolve again. Haha. I also tried keeping an intent word in mind for the year. That was uplifting at times when I had several not so great years.
Fast forward to now, 2017 was one of the very best years I've had in a LONG time. That feels great to say.
In planning for 2018 I've contemplated what projects I might enjoy working on, not only professionally but personally as well.
I'm in the midst of having my blog redesigned by Kiki & Co (so excited about that) AND there are already so many exciting campaigns in the works for the next year. I'm feeling very grateful.

I felt it was important to ask, what do you hope to see on here? What kinds of projects and posts resonate with you? I was actually quite surprised at times by the posts that did better than others last year. There's a greater interest in self care and I can attest to that fact that it's certainly bettered my life. My metrics also indicate that you're curious about my family life too. I did enjoy when the blog had more of a personal narrative feel. I stripped that back at one point when I had some legal stuff going on, and never was able to get the rhythm of sharing back.

My first project of the year is a quick update in my family room. It's in need of some love, so I'll be sharing easy ways to accomplish that in the next week or so. Next after that is a huge overhaul for my own bedroom. In an effort to focus on self care, I do believe it's critical to have a space to retreat to in the evenings that you love. ( but I'll explain why in that post- coming soon).
I'm also looking at some little shifts and changes with myself. Hair, makeup, wardrobe. I'd like to simplify.

In the meantime here are some of the pretty things I've already bought for my room redo (below). AND side note... I've been struggling with the decision of whether I should paint the oak floors white. I painted my kitchen floor a creamy white in my very first house... back in 2003 and thought it was amazing, but I worry about the domino effect it'll create when I need to paint ALL of the floors. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I've wanted a wedding blanket forever. When I saw this one I finally decided it was time. She's a beauty no?
Moroccan Wedding blanket blush white with silver disks
And after months of looking and deliberation I ordered this bed. The fabric sample isn't an oatmeal shade as shown but instead the most perfect not cream/not white knubby linen fabric, and the price point was very reasonable too so I went ahead.   
Skyline Furniture Alrai wingback upholstered bed frame Zuma White

I do really hope some of you will take a moment and share any thoughts you might have on what you might like to see me cover. I always appreciate your thoughts and time. And before I forget, wishing you the happiest Friday. I'm doing a little happy dance that the weekend is finally here. xo e 


  1. I love your design tips or DIYs and would like to see more of them. I make your mason jar cheesecakes on special occasions and did like hearing more about your lil guy too. I think I might have been one of your first followers and I'm always hoping you'll post more. :) xx Angie

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