Mount Engadine : A Beautiful Lodge in the Mountains

I feel so lucky that when I want to get out of the city and visit the mountains, they're such a short drive away. The destinations within two hours of my front door are world renowned for being the most beautiful and breath-taking. We recently spent a few days at Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis country and really enjoyed our stay. 
The drive there was beautiful and took us about an hour and a half. In true Canadian fashion we happened to see mountain goats on the way. The lodge was easy to find (some aren't) and we were delighted at first glance with how rustic and cozy it all appeared blanketed in a thick layer of snow.
Mount Engadine Lodge Cabins covered in fluffy snow
Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by Simon and offered a coffee or tea while we sat by a huge hearth to hear about the perks of our stay.
Mercedes Benz truck with the trunk open carrying Tumi luggage and wine
We checked into our room and immediately set out to explore. The grounds were amazing and we hiked through the forest until lunch time.
Erica Cook hiking at Mount Engadine Lodge
Luke Boyer hiking near Mount Engadine Lodge
The lodge is known for it's Sunday brunch and tea time and excellent charcuterie. Their on sight chef, Mandy, creates the most amazing array of foods and was accommodating to my vegetarian ways. The restaurant happened to be fully booked but the team offered to bring a delicious array of goods to our room.
King Size bed in the Owl room of Mount Engadine Lodge
Not pictured, the strudel for dessert... because we ate it before we could get a pic..  ooops
Charcuterie board on bed with Sandhill Wine Bottle
We were tired from our early morning departure and hike and decided to cozy up by the fire after lunch, and do some reading with hot chocolates in hand. This is when the true meaning of getaway comes into play. On any other Sunday afternoon I'm rushing to do laundry and food prep for the coming week. I really appreciated the break and downtime.

Dinner was outstanding. It's served with a communal approach in mind, which was a little socially daunting at first. However, it ended up being one of my favourite parts of the trip. We met the most lovely people who had arrived at the lodge from all corners of the world and heard little bits and pieces about their lives. It added that extra sense of traveling abroad and meeting new people.

The next morning we rose bright and early to have breakfast and start our day.
Erica Cook sitting outside Mount Engadine Lodge holding hot chocolate in her PJ's
Our meals were great, eggs benny for me, specially prepared without bacon and a stack of almond banana pancakes for Luke.
From there we both tried snow shoeing for the first time and got quite a bit of exercise from it (which was welcomed after the amount of food we ate at breakfast..). We thought we saw a moose but couldn't be sure. Okay if we're going to be honest with ourselves it was probably just a big rock.. but moose sightings are very common there! There's a large winding creek in a gully behind the Lodge that offers beautiful scenery and chances to see wildlife in Winter and in Summer months. What an adventure.

The best part about returning... more charcuterie and wine waiting in our room.
I love an outdoor fire. Mount Engadine happens to have one of those too.
Mark's Boots by a fireplace at Mount Engadine
Erica Cook sitting outside by a fire at Mount Engadine Lodge
Outside fireplace with old sled beside it at Mount Engadine Lodge
We brought our own s'mores kit and enjoyed the surrounding forest by open fire. Enclosed in our own little igloo, built by another one of the great guys on site, Graham. Perfect for adults to sit around and be warm while any children or adults ;) can go and toboggan at the hill very close to it and the lodge.
Close up of old sled carrying Smore's and blankets and wood
Erica Cook and Luke Boyer holding hot chocolates by a fire at Mount Engadine Lodge
One last thing I also appreciated about the lodge is that they source local items to be used in the lodge. For instance all soaps and toiletries are from our friends at Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Their in house tea is from the Banff Tea Co,  and coffee is Mountain Blends Coffee Roasters. Even the array of beers and wine are from local distilleries and wineries. The list goes on with local farms and other things sourced from the area. That just feels good. 

We noted that a couple groups of friends had rented out the cabins to themselves. We chatted with them as well before they left for a day of skiing. I genuinely feel that Mount Engadine Lodge would be equally fun for the whole family or for a romantic getaway for two. In fact, I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day. 

This post was sponsored by Mount Engadine Lodge. All styling, advice and opinions are my own.
Clothing and footwear provided by Mark's
Eyewear by Ray-Ban


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