Family Room Update Reveal with Lowe's Canada

It's funny how often interior designers procrastinate with projects in their own homes. I've been meaning to get to a family room update for some time now.
Once the colder winter months set in and we're inside more, it's harder to look around at the unfinished spaces in our homes. It's also statistically the time that people tackle decor projects in order to enjoy being indoors.
This in mind, I decided there's no time like the present to dedicate some TLC to my family room, especially considering it gets so much use and traffic. It's where we spend the bulk of our family time. 

I started with a new light fixture as the jumping point. I've been loving the feel of copper and bronze touches in my home lately, and I found a great LED Chandelier ceiling fan at Lowe's Canada with that inspiration in mind. From there I went with accents that all had a similar feel, to weave in and out of the space and create a sense of continuity. I have several commitments coming up that will eat up much of my free time. So, given I didn't have a huge amount of time to pull this together, I loved that they had everything in store I could possibly need. One stop shopping. Who knew!? It was important to me to keep the room relaxed, functional, and welcoming for family while still respecting the need for it to be pretty. I wanted it to feel warm and inviting for the winter months, but also have elements that would work well with the rest of the spaces in my home now and throughout the year.
I went with this amazing copper fixture that has a glamorous and worldly, yet bohemian feel. The best part is that hidden in the centre is actually a ceiling fan! Perfect for this room that can get quite hot in the summer, and being so close to the kitchen can also smell smoky when the toaster decides to burn things.
The back corner in this room is always a natural focal point. A couple of vases and some simple art accents punctuate the space and tie in those metallic touches.  
I chose this amazing ottoman because I love the modern clean lines of the metal frame and how they complement the more traditional tufting and linen. The metal frame also creates a slightly more casual feel than turned legs might in this setting.  I added a throw to the end of the ottoman where my little guy often puts his feet and I added a tray at the other end. The tray provides a solid surface for coasters and drinks protecting the ottoman fabric from spills and being easy to wipe down.
This corner got a quick update with lovely bronze planters and a couple new plants I picked up at my local Lowe's the day of the install. Greenery is always a good idea in the long winter months... plants bring in a sense of life, naturally purify the air and add a pop of colour. These new planters are the perfect touch here too, they add more hints of those warm metallics tying the room together in a way that's pleasing to the eye. I also added another one of these grey and gold vases that look just as pretty without fresh flowers as they do with. They tie in the grey tones of the cushions I already had which create a sense of balance.
Soft sided baskets provide the perfect stash spot for extra throw blankets and a magazine or two. 
This corner is where people lean to put on shoes. I needed something small to balance the rest of the space. This umbra frame floats off of the wall and a picture of travels in muted tones compliments the other art. 
You can see how the space feels tied together and the pieces that I introduced easily work with items I already had. The best part, it only took a day to put this new look together, and that's including the light installation. It's just an indication that updates with a big outcome needn't be overwhelming, especially when you shop in the same spot. 
I can't wait to enjoy some popcorn and a movie here with my family. 
What touches or updates could your home use to ward off the winter blahs? As always, thank you for reading. xo e

This post was sponsored by Lowe's Canada. All styling, advice and opinions are my own.


  1. Gorgeous updates, Erica! Admittedly, I would have never thought to check Lowe's for decor or fixtures -- but your selections have me tempted to stop in. Love the warmth they add to your space!

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