On Trend : How To Hygge

Hygge. How do we Hygge? Why would we Hygge? This buzz term, pronounced "Hue-Guh", is a danish word that means to indulge in little pleasures and all things cozy. An ideology extremely relevant in this age of rushed and overbooked lives. There's no english equivalent, so it's no surprise we're not familiar with the term or way of life. From what I've read, the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world so they must be doing something right. I figured the best way to explain Hygge was to understand it myself. I didn't really know where to begin, so I started with booking an hour one evening to think about it and read up on the practise. I then came up with a list of ways to force myself to slow down and unplug.

I often work on my computer until I turn out the lights for bed, and I wonder why I feel burnt out. I typically have my laptop in front of me with Netflix going in the background. I work away while keeping track of whatever is happening on the series we're watching at the time. It had never occurred to me what an absurd amount of stimulation this is. It took curiosity about this word to be able to see this clearly. I knew immediately I had to make some changes and they fell into place so easily. To summarize Hygge is all about creating a haven or sanctuary in your own home in order to enjoy a slower lifestyle and savour precious moments. It's about being kind to yourself and your loved ones while indulging in fulfilling cozy activities.

I've started putting on soft clothes, sipping tea, snuggling under a giant blanket against plush cushions and reading; it feels so nice and quiet. It's funny how it seems luxurious to slow things down. I've also started listening to my record player. There's something about the fuzzy sound of the needle set to soft vocals that's just so nice. I leave my phone face down on my bedside table in the evenings making a conscious effort to give myself a break from mindless scrolling.
I also discovered that a lot of the time the work I did in the evening was so divided that I didn't accomplish as much as I could. Forcing myself to slow down and indulge has also meant that my work has had to become more focused. I'm using my time more efficiently and generally feeling refreshed.

How to Hygge:
  1. Set aside time to unwind and enjoy life's pleasures (book it in your calendar if you must) and ditch your technology for this hour or two. 
  2. Treat yourself to some new slippers, a robe, or other cozy soft wear that encourages relaxation. 
  3. Make yourself a cup of tea and savour as you sip. Enter code "ericateapigs" (here) for 10% off my favourite teas.
  4. Light a candle, maybe even one with a wooden wick that flickers and cracks like a fire would. 
  5. Run a bath and indulge in the ritualistic aspects of soaking in the tub. Use a bath bomb or Epsom salts
  6. Read a good book. Make picking the book out a ceremonious act as well and maybe stick to something happy. 
  7. Update your space with soft pillowscozy throws and warm white indirect lighting. 
  8. Allow yourself a special treat, like a tart from the local bakery or your favourite candy. 
  9. Bring nature inside: a plant cut branch or floral arrangements, or planted bulbs. 
  10. Take time for self care: use a face mask, apply a rich body lotion, or do an at home mani/pedi.
  11. Listen to soothing music. If you have a record player pick out an album that puts you in a good mood. Otherwise make a play list that combines your favourite mellow music. 
  12. Diffusers give your space a fresh feel and ionize the air, add essential oils and breathe deeply. 

I hope this helps. I'd love to hear how you hygge. xo e


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