Life At Home : The Art of Lounging

I read an interesting passage lately about the way we lounge, or unwind in the privacy of our homes. It was in the book called, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" (here). I had come across it while researching for my Hygge post (here). Much like dressing for our busy days is an expression of ourselves, the way we dress for relaxation is revealing too.
Do you wear old clothes that likely should have been thrown out? Are they even comfortable? I have gone through stages in the past where I indulge in cute comfy things, but I've also worn items that were as uncomfortable as they were ugly. Maybe you've done the same? Wearing the shirt that you got for free at something, that's 3 sizes too big and has a scratchy tag in the collar.

This is the paragraph that resonated with me:
"To me it doesn't seem right to keep clothes we don't enjoy for relaxing around the house. This time at home is still a precious part of living. Its value should not change just because nobody sees us. So, starting today, break the habit of downgrading clothes that don't thrill you to loungewear. The real waste is not discarding clothes you don't like but wearing them even though you are striving to create the ideal space for your ideal lifestyle. Precisely because no one is there to see you, it makes far more sense to reinforce a positive self-image by wearing clothes you love. 
The same goes for pajamas. What you wear in the house does impact your self image."
- Marie Kondo 

After reading this I set out to simplify the items I lounge in as well. As an extension to my hygge post, and pursuing that comfort in real life, I felt that it was important. There is truth to that passage that our time IS precious no matter where we are. At the same time finding comfy loungewear shouldn't break the bank, but at some point it does feel good to invest a little to ensure comfort and ease when grabbing those items quickly to change into. In that sense, it's making it easy for ourselves to make those transitions... and that just feels good.
Here are some of the things I've rounded up and own myself. To me items needed to be incredibly comfortable, soft, warm, practical, pretty and yet cost effective. Not a tiny list. But I found things that do fulfill those requirements.
Woman wearing sexy and comfortable top and shorts
These are the exact pieces I have in black. Top above (here) and pants below (here). They're so incredibly soft and wash well.  
Woman's legs in comfortable stylish pants
I've paired these pieces with this barefoot dreams topper (here) and I can''t believe how long it took me to buy it for myself. It's the softest thing on the planet too. 
woman in comfortable leggings and ombre cardigan
These slippers (here) completed my at home get up. Next up I'm ordering all the same items in a soft grey with ivory accents. I can't wait. 
Knitted rubber sole comfortable beige ivory slippers shearling stitched
I hope this might encourage you as well. There's something so celebratory about putting on truly excellent pieces at the end of the day. Happy lounging! xo e


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