Travel Notes : Luxury Luggage and The Art Of Packing

Recently some dear friends of ours got married in Palm Springs. Given my love of design and the close proximity, I kind of can't believe that I had never been there. Needless to say I was very very excited to go.
In preparing for the trip I knew I needed new luggage. I have some beautiful bags that I usually take on getaways but none of them are at all practical. In fact without wheels I find myself arriving with a bruised shoulder. When I go away I only travel with carryon and I never ever check luggage so I decided it was time to take a look at bags with wheels.
In my research I came across Tumi and little did I know they have this whole complex world of luggage that actually has a bunch of amazing features.

I started by making a list of the things that I always need when I travel. I then picked out pieces that would work well with what we bring for blogging. Ie- wardrobe, camera, computer, cords, batteries, etc. Shopping the site and putting together different looks was quite fun.
I ended up selecting everything from their Voyageur Collection.
I love that the Tumi Voyageur Super Léger has a front zip opening or what's referred to as a split case opening. I'd never heard of this before but it was extremely handy in the sense that it's like having two suitcases. There were multiple zip pouches inside the suitcase and a strap that came in handy to hold the heavy lace dress that I brought, in it's place. 

The leather Halle backpack might be my favourite pick though. It's become so much more than a travel bag. I absolutely love the pockets inside that perfectly accommodate my computer cord and notebook. I also love that it has this little flap along the back that hooks over the telescoping handle of the larger bag when my back starts to get tired. 

Tips to picking out new luggage and extra easy packing:

1. Make a list of the things you always bring to better understand which bags and suitcases will work for you. For instance- I always bring my Mac air so I chose a back pack that holds a laptop.
2. Don't forget to personalize your Tumi tag before placing your order. It's such a nice touch and fear not... should you change your name they provide you with a back up blank tag.
3. Always roll clothing as tightly as possible when packing to save space.
4. Fill dead spaces... For instance I put socks in the clutch I needed to bring
5. Don't forget ziplock bags. I brought an extra one to hold additional cords. I also had an evening flight so I brought an extra one to hold my wet bathing suit for when the hotel allowed us late checkout.

This post was sponsored by Tumi. All opinions my own

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