Palm Springs : Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa | Citrus and Palm

Our first stop in beautiful Palm Springs happened to be at the newly renovated stunning Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa. Luke and I were amazed at the subtle but elegant interiors throughout the resort and restaurant.
The interiors had recently all been revamped by Indidesign out of LA. Every corner had beautiful vignettes from moulding details to breathtaking light fixtures my design eye was pleased at every turn with the thoughtful blend of traditional and industrial touches. I love visiting a spot that not only satisfies your palate but also delights the eye.
We were led to the Citrus and Palm and seated at our table (which was marble, YAY). We were then warmly welcomed by the staff team and promptly introduced to Chef Paul Hancock. He explained how the menu had been crafted with care to incorporate delicious interesting foods that are as incredibly appealing to the palate as they are healthy and nutritionally conscious. That felt like a win win.
This bowl was not only colourful and undoubtedly healthy looking, but so delicious as well. But fret not... we were also served the yummiest fries to accompany the turkey club. So there is some balance.
We thoroughly enjoyed every minute at the Citrus and Palm and wouldn't hesitate to go back. In fact, the next time we decided we'd like to at least spend the day if not several. :) 
Learn more about the Miramonte Indian Wells (here). 


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