Our First Trip To Palm Springs

As I said in my previous post (here) I was recently in Palm Springs for a wedding. The wedding was amazing and we felt honoured to celebrate the love and union of people so important to us. I was also grateful that it meant I was finally able to see Palm Springs (PS) for the first time.
My immediate impression when the plane landed was how wonderfully warm it was and how ridiculously simple the airport was to navigate. It was only minutes and we were through to our waiting uber and off into city centre. We arrived in the late afternoon and went to check in to our hotel. The week leading up to our departure was beyond hectic, and I was pleased to spend an hour poolside.
Our visit fell on Canadian Thanksgiving and we were delighted to discover at the local Ralph's Grocery that they had a full selection of typical turkey dinner prepared foods. We were tired and looked forward to crushing mashed potatoes and watching a movie in our room. Especially given the next day our friends were tying the knot.
The next morning we checked out Elmer's diner across the road from our hotel. We'd heard that they are a must for their German pancake when in PS and I must say it was truly delicious. The waitress assured us to just trust and eat it with lemon and she was right. We lingered with coffees in hand absorbing the classic diner vibes and enjoyed our time surrounded by black and white images of Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra. #IheartElmers 
Before we knew it we needed to get ready for the first part of the wedding... a pool party at the most amazing mid century modern home in the heart of Palm Springs. I had planned my outfit in advance and was thrilled that I finally had the reason to get this Coach Tea Rose bag. I couldn't wait to use it for the more formal evening part of the wedding and brought it early to the day portion, but somehow forgot my bathing suit. Ha! Typical. Anyways... we enjoyed the company of great friends, dined on tacos, chips and guacamole while sipping cocktails poolside. The day couldn't have been more perfect. 
We had a few hours to kill between the day and evening wedding events and decided to go in to the main downtown area of PS. 
It had been suggested to me to visit a loved and admired resource by any and all interior designers who visit greater Palm Springs called Stewart Galleries. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. Packed with too many gems to count I found myself wanting to ship every single thing back home. Their art collection is phenomenal and there's every other curiosity you could imagine as well. 
Next on our list a stop in at Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery. There were so many quirky pieces with great character. I've been dreaming of this piece ever since. 
From there we headed back to get ready for the actual wedding. It was seriously the most amazing thing to be a part of. The grooms asked that everyone attending wear white. Seeing everyone show up was exciting in itself. We all buzzed about the prep together for what felt like months before the special day. Coming together to celebrate the love of these dear friends felt so overwhelming and like being part of a tight knit loving family. This perhaps is not the best picture of Luke and I but it captures the magic that we felt pretty well. 
I'm still waiting on images from the wedding photographer but in the meantime this image captures our dear friends so well. We were honoured to be a part of this amazing day. Congratulations Ryan and Rob. We love you! xo
The posts to follow, about Palm Springs, will be far more polished. I have some really exciting content coming up that I'm so pleased with. However this hodge podge of a first post comes from the heart. Thanks for reading. xoxo Erica 

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