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If you follow me on snap/stories you'll often see me popping into XO treatment room. I've always been a believer that when you discover someone or something awesome, you need to let your friends know so they can get in on it too. There are lots of local people I promote for this reason (#LocalLove).

The beauty industry can be misleading... I resent the empty promises and miracles companies claim with their product application and have felt duped in the past when I've become excited about something that doesn't do what it says it will. I was also startled to learn that because most spas offer employees commission on skincare products and services they aggressively push them regardless of your needs. I can think of several times when I've left a spa with an armful of products. Enter Annie Graham, owner of XO Treatment Room and talented facialist who radically changed the way I look at how I care for my skin. She has me whittled down to 3 or 4 steps depending on the day and she refuses to let me buy things that aren't impactful to my skin type... no matter how much I like the package.

What is XO treatment room? It's a medi spa that focuses on providing anti-aging treatments with little to no downtime. A less is more mentality prevails with regards to products- practically unheard of in this industry, and the shelves are dotted with bottles of serums and lotions, many derived from natural sources that actually have proven beneficial application.
I've been following the advice of the staff at XO for exactly a year now and am so enthusiastic and happy about the results.

Annie's advice for good skin, regular facials. I recently had the XOA treatment and discovered what all the fuss was about. In this facial session, Annie herself looks at your face and curtails a treatment specifically to you. She mixed a custom peel for my dry skin, blended another pharma-grade concoction for my pigmentation issues and zapped some scars, blackheads/pimples. I left with a visible glow and lasting results. As I've been attending these regularly I see results such as the disappearance of a couple of scars, tighter pores and firmer skin in general.

Annie's tips for all skin types:

1. Use a mild cleanser morning and night
2. A retinol moisturizer will work wonders in anyones routine
3. Always wear spf.

I've also been using a bottle of her XO PM face serum (available here), a cult fave, and known by other who use it to be an amazing rescue remedy. What does this mean? Well, it's anti-inflammatory properties keep my puffy under eyes and skin flare ups at a minimum and it truly does feel rejuvenating when I wake up in the morning. The anti-aging botanicals heal and nourish the skin, and just as an added bonus, the serum is completely organic and vegan, which my skin totally loves.   
Hope this helps you as much as it's helped me. 

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