Around The House : Ethan's Room Update

Gone are the days when children grew up with the same boarder print wallpaper and furniture they'd had as toddlers. In our knowledgeable and aesthetically aware society, kid's rooms are often updated more than once now. Baby to child, child to tween, and updated teen space.
I did a tween space for my son Ethan a few years back. It had a subtle travel theme and was still boyish enough to delight him and make him feel right at home.
We recently had guests visit overnight and given the lower level of my home (where the guest room is) had flooded a year ago (read about that here) and has remained in a state of demo since, we asked Ethan to give up his room for a night. We put in some new bedding and he announced he liked the stripped back look much better.
I've planned a simple update that will involve bedding, a new light fixture to replace the broken ceiling fan, some art and side table lamps.
Here's what I'm starting with:
The space is boyish and fun, but I think we're all over the vibrancy of it. The desk and wall mounted shelf from Ikea were rarely used and were recently donated to someone who needs them. The bed and side tables are still in great condition.

Here's what I'm thinking of adding to the space:
1.  I'll be replacing the broken ceiling fan with this polished nickel light fixture (which is currently on sale!)
2. I like how clean and simple yet modern this Ikea Brasa lamp is, and the price point was great too. I picked up the last two boxed new ones for a song in the as-is room. It seems to be a perfect nod to the Louis Poulsen Panthella lamp which is a higher price point. (link here) I found another great and more moderately priced version (here)(here) and (here)
3. New Bedding... I'm torn between getting something dark or going with extra white sheets that can be bleached and line dried if need be (Like these ones below- here). All of Ethan's sheet sets before were stripes or checks and very boyish. 
So this is what I'll be organizing this weekend. Lots of ordering and maybe a little purging. Stay tuned tomorrow for a cake recipe that several of you had asked me to finally write up. Hope your Friday is fabulous! xo e


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