Outdoor Lifestyle : How To Set Up The Perfect Deck

Summer is on it's way. My build project with the covered deck outside ( posted here ) is still being finished but that hasn't stopped me from organizing and pulling together all the bits and pieces I'll need to set it all up. In the meantime I thought I'd share my favourite tips and tricks for you to set up your own outdoor space and get outside!

1. The right outdoor candles with citronella not only set the mood with a soft glow, but also serve as a mosquito repellent when you light them. I love this arrangement of clear glass candles nestled in moss on a golden tray. So pretty.
2. Make yourself a lidded jar to keep your outdoor matches safe and dry with this 5 min DIY. You'll never have to fumble around or look for a lighter. Simply cut a piece of fine grit sandpaper and glue to the inside top of a mason jar. Voila. Dry Matches. Or save yourself a trip to the hardware store and order a pre-made bottle (here)

3. Keep a basket in a safe place with extra blankets for chilly evenings. Having throws designated for outside means you won't have to raid your linen closet and if the outdoor ones get a dead bug or dried leaf stuck to them you're not bringing it back inside. I love falsa blankets, like the one below. They're inexpensive and oh so soft so I ordered several that I keep tucked away for evening guests. There are plenty of soft options without a pattern as well.

4. The perfect serving tray will be an indispensable key to your entertaining and daily living outside. It makes transporting multiple things so much easier. It also serves as a base for candles, matches, a lantern, succulents, etc... (here)
5. Succulents are such a nice touch. I'm not the best at keeping them alive so I've resorted to faux this year... and bonus, they don't need any sun OR water. Win/Win. 
I've put these essentials on my list. I'll be giving away a pale green falsa blanket to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment about your favourite tip or the one outdoor accessory you can't live without. Thanks as always for joining me! 


  1. I love falsa blankets too! My favourite tip of yours is the succulents - greenery adds so much. I also like string lights for a cute touch!

  2. I love your idea about the match jar! I usually just use the dollar store lighters, but it would be nice to have something I didn't have to always remember to bring inside all the time!
    I've always had a spot for those blankets, we had them growing up!

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