Luxury with Lincoln : My Experience With The New Continental

In a society where everything has become about immediacy, instant gratification and cheap fixes quality and attention to detail seem like attributes that are harder and harder to come by. When one does come across something of value and quality it creates such a striking experience. There's a reason why luxury items are often touted as better... they're made properly with age old traditions and patience.
On the topic of luxury and quality, I was recently invited to experience the new 2017 Lincoln Continental. In all honesty and full disclosure I didn't know much about the brand other than it conjured up images of pillowy leather seats and a comfortable ride, (Oh and Matthew McConaughey of course). I was interested to learn that the Continental is Lincoln's flagship vehicle and it had been newly redesigned and re-released to the public after a 15 year hiatus. I was delighted to discover that no detail was overlooked. In this redesign they've considered every possible amenity that one would desire, and several that you didn't even know you wanted.

It just so happened that I picked the Continental up on a Friday. When at the dealership I had a thorough demonstration of all of the car's capabilities. When I walked out to the lot and up to the Continental for the first time my initial impression was obviously based on the car's exterior. I had been told of the redesigned front grill and how it was a blend of modern elegance. I was pleasantly surprised with how sleek and refined the Continental looked. This may sound strange but it's pretty yet handsome all at once.
I was told about the state of the art sound system boasting 19 speakers that made every song feel like you were at a live concert. It certainly did not disappoint. The Revel speaker grill itself is a work of art. It was designed with the best possible sound and aesthetics in mind. With more than 200 prototypes considered to maximize sound quality, the clarity is unmatched. Why am I mentioning speakers and sound first? Well the truth is that this is my favourite thing to do when driving... listen to whatever music I'm in the mood for.
So, I drove around that day running my typical Friday errands and listening to my favourite beats, making all of my usual stops in preparation for the weekend. It was also my boyfriend, Luke's birthday. I had lots of fun plans up my sleeve and I was grateful to have this amazing vehicle to usher us to all of our date spots.
The first thing I had done before I headed out that day was to take advantage of the phone pair technology called SYNC®3 which enables you to upload contacts, music, etc all to the main console so that you can access your phone's features; all hands free, while driving. I noticed almost immediately that the navigation system pops up with GPS coordinated prompts that relay the speed limit beside your speedometer so you have it as a guideline if you're going too fast in a school zone or over the speed limit. Amazing. I also loved the drive assist feature. Of course we all need to be defensive drivers but it helps to know that 360 degree cameras and sensors are keeping track of anyone else crossing into your lane and therefore having an extra set of eyes on the road. Too good to be true!
A trip to the mountains the next day, to celebrate a lovely weekend in Banff revealed just how equally amazing the Continental handles on the highway as it does in the city. The Continental made the highway drive feel like a pillow-top mattress on wheels. In Alberta our highways get a lot of wear and tear from the temperature variations, so this was a welcome change. 
My little guy, LL loved how comfortable the seat was. I however was impressed and comforted by the inflatable airbags in the back passenger seat belts. In the event of an accident, typically back seat passengers suffer the worst injury from the belt, rather than the actual impact. I really liked knowing that LL was that much safer on the highway.
When it comes to kids and car doors I also appreciated the soft latch closure. If the door isn't completely closed it latches shut on it's own. It only takes having your car door swing open in traffic once to value the importance of this feature. 
The Continental is almost exclusively chauffeur driven in Asia. It comes loaded with incredible executive features in the back seat. Given the availability of these amenities, it only made sense to try the vehicle out on my own and with a driver so that I could experience all of the continental's capabilities. I managed meetings in the morning all from the luxury of the back seat.  
Later on, I headed out to an evening event. The level of comfort in the back seat was certainly a new experience for me from the private music and climate controls to the massage seats, and oversized skylight roof, no comfort was overlooked. To say the least, it was a perk I definitely could have gotten used to. 
Because I have a blog I'm occasionally offered experiences or the ability to try things and report back on them. I only ever agree to review things that I know I would authentically like. This is one of those times that I really truly wish I could arrange to buy this vehicle. I loved it. It made me so happy every day to go get Lolly and pop out to run errands. 
I could go on and on about all the features of this car, but then my post would be a couple pages long and instead of explaining all of them, if you're in the market for a new vehicle, I highly recommend test driving one of these so that you too can experience all the features for yourself. More information on all of the luxury packages and to build your own Continental visit (here).

This post was sponsored by Lincoln. All opinions are my own.


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