Design Staples : 6 Things To Update Your Home

There's no better feeling than investing in something for your home, and feeling like you're going to love it for a long time. Let's face it, many of the things we want and/or need for our homes aren't inexpensive, and we've all had times that we look back and regret the sweeping trend that we hopped on... only to have to part with the purchase we no longer like. It's nice to think some things are here to stay. I've made up a list of the staples that don't seem to be going anywhere (I've roughly based it on the photo below) and I've included some great sources to find them.

1. The Moroccan Pouf These are just practical, can be moved around the house and typically look great anywhere. I've moved mine from my little guy's nursery to the front door, and now it's in the living room.
I'm slightly obsessed with this blush one (here) and there are even faux options for vegan homes (here and here)

2. Antique Bench Weathered and worn, if you're lucky enough to find one of these vintage Chinese alter styles they're a good investment (here). For a larger entrance or dining area this one (here) is great too.

3. Juju Hat A tribal headdress made of feathers. They are the most versatile art piece. I love them just about anywhere. I have a white one (below) and the prettiest cherry pink red shade. Order one here, here or here.

4. The Beni Ourain These simply styled wool shag rugs (here and here) are soft under foot and work well with any decor style.

5. The Potted Cactus If someone had said to me at one point that plant trends would stick I'd have been surprised. We've seen the fiddle leaf fig take off and show up in homes everywhere inspiring posts about how to keep them alive, and even spin off production of amazing faux figs. I think we all still love a fig, but the ease of cactus care and their variety of shapes and sizes has made them a hit too.

6. Diptyque Baies This candle (here) shows up in just about every editorial and post of a curated space. Why? Simply put... people love the label and know the brand is synonymous with quality, plus they just smell fantastic. Baies, the brands best seller world wide smells fresh of blackberry and quince and will gently scent any space and impart it with a feeling that is fresh, invigorated and clean.  (here)


  1. Great picks, Erica. I have to get my hands on a Diptyque one of these days.

    1. Seriously you do! Their scents are just so amazing. Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

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