On Trend : 5 Great Options for Adding Marble to Your Space

I love marble. I'd have it everywhere if I could. I'm assuming this goes for a lot of you given the amount of feedback I receive whenever I post it on Instagram. I'd love to have marble counters, but it's just not in the budget right now, so I find other ways to add it in my home.
As a design staple, marble has made its way mainstream into plenty of inexpensive, yet amazing and easy to incorporate accessories. I'm sharing 5 great options below, and even if you were to purchase every single one you'd still come in at under $375, versus the average marble counter price at a minimum of 10k.

1. Probably my favourite addition to any room is a marble tray. There are several options available out there that work well in a kitchen, bathroom, bedside table, dresser top, entrance for mail and keys, office to corral paperclips and stapler, etc... The one shown is available (here) but other similar options are available (here) and (here)
2. Marble Utensil Holder and Wine Chiller. I have put this combo in several kitchens. For special occasions, I've packed the spoons and whisks in the drawer, and have used both marble containers as the perfect vase to hold peonies or hydrangeas. Utensil holder (here) Wine chiller (here)
3. Bathroom Accessories. These will breathe life into any dated or dull bathroom with zero effort. This set (here) another good option (here)
4. Marble Pastry Board. This one is so easy too and useful for a multitude of purposes... serve cheese or charcuterie, roll out pastry dough, etc Then it just looks pretty sitting on your counter the rest of the time. (here)
5. Marble Lamp. I have a serious crush on this lamp and it's reasonable price point. (here)
These are just some of the easiest options to incorporate in a quick and easy manner. Included below are some other great accessories. Be sure to tag me (erica.cook) in your instagram pics of your marble goods! :) 

Additional Marble Goods


  1. Great post! I ordered the nordstom tray and bathroom set. I'm going to go to create and barrel for the other things after work. I didn't know you could get regular household stuff in marble. thanks!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Jen. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you enjoy the accessories as much as I do. :)

  2. Marble, Paris, coffee...all good ideas!


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