Holiday Floral Reveal : How To Decorate With Greenery

Hello! This is the team from Amborella Floral Studio for our first ever post on Moth Design. Erica asked if we'd like to be contributors because we work so closely together and we loved the idea.

Today we're talking about holiday florals, but first here's what we did for Erica's home.
We started in the living room with a silver dollar and evergreen garland for the fireplace.
A mixed evergreen wreath adorns the hood fan.
We created a similar but slightly thinner garland for the headboard out of the same greens.
We added in two personalized vases (Erica's own) for the bedside tables.
Amborella Holiday Floral Guide

Outdoor Items: 
  • Garland, wreaths, swags and boughs for planters can be ordered mid December and will last until Christmas Depending on weather- it'll need to stay below zero. Avoid direct sunlight if possible or you may need to replace some bits before Christmas
  • Order garland by the foot 
Fresh Floral Table Decor:
  • Pick up Dec. 23-24th for blooms to be in optimal condition for dinner with guests
  • Order in to the florist one week prior to reserve necessary florals
  • Order by colour of decor (we will do the rest)
Fresh Interior Decor:
  • Garlands last 7-10 days indoors before drying out
  • Long lasting Foliage: Eucalyptus (many varieties- seeded, silver dollar, baby blue, and feather) this will dry out but still looks pretty and will last 1 week +/-
  • Long lasting Blooms: Skimmia, cut Amaryllis, Star of Bethlehem (longest lasting blooms in flower shops- up to 3 weeks) Ilex Berry, Disbud Chrysanthemums, Leucandendron (Safari Sunset) and Brunia  
  • Bulbs: Amaryllis and Paperwhite
  • Evergreen Boughs: Cedar, Pine, Silver Fir and Juniper (available all Dec. for under $15 a bundle)
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