Getting Personal : Update 2.0

A letter to my readers,

I recently wrote a short and sweet update about what had happened in my personal life over the last few years. I wanted to write a second post to follow up once I was ready. The truth is life hasn't been easy. I'm the type of person who always sees the best in others and I found myself tangled up with people who weren't good for me. I have an ex who watches my every move and scrutinizes every detail. I had legal issues arise and was told to stay out of the public eye which is not ideal for a blogger. I struggled for a couple of years trying to balance blogging just enough that I didn't completely disappear and yet be vague enough not to rock the boat for myself personally.
It was hard at times but difficulty makes us grow. I constantly felt that my passion for writing and blogging was being stifled and I feared that I would be forgotten or left behind.
Now that I'm in a good spot and I've returned to blogging full time, I found myself in a position where Moth could have the same fresh start or second chance that I had been granted. I asked myself, "what is Moth? What will it be or look like moving forward?" The answer was always the same. MOTH stands for "making others truly happy". My intention in writing the blog from day one was always to help others by posting simple ways to live your best and most meaningful life.
I'm blessed to have an amazing reader base and I'm blown away at the number of you that still drop by. I was moved to consider new approaches to relate to you and am working so hard right now to build and grow in ways that create dynamic and relevant content. So in short, Moth will have the same content and purpose but I'm striving to make it so much better.
I have some exciting announcements coming up in the next week (I can't wait to share) and in the meantime I'd LOVE to hear from you. Is there anything you'd like to see for content on Moth Design? Thanks so much to each and every one of you for being a friend. I appreciate you all.

Much love, Erica xo


  1. Sending much support and happiness to you, Erica! So glad you're back to blogging regularly. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. Thanks Jordana! I appreciate being side by side with you since the very beginning. Hope to see you again soon. xo

  3. Thanks Jordana! I am so glad you didn't give up. I love reading your blog! Keep going'!

  4. Hi Erica. I am saddened by your situation and glad it sounds like it is now resolved. I strongly empathise as I stopped Blogging for very similar reasons. I have always followed your posts for your beautiful and unique style which I find very inspiring. I love seeing your house transform and appreciate the openess with item's source. I live in Australia, yet have purchased quite a few items having seen them on your blog and had them shipped here. I also love many of the creative styling ideas that you share. Good luck for the future; I'm an avid supporter. x KL

  5. So happy to hear you are in a good place and I'm looking forward to seeing new blog posts. I personally love the decor posts, room updates and would love to see a house tour 😊Thanks so much for letting us into your home.

  6. Your blog is like an eloquent cup of tea: a tranquil beautiful moment to myself.

    I've followed since 2010 and always hoped you wouldn't completely disappear <3

  7. I enjoy your blog. As a fellow Albertan living close to Calgary, I like hearing about where you ate, had a coffee, even where in the Okanogan Valley you have stayed, etc. I have tried out some of the places you have recommended.

  8. In all we are to give thanks. Crazy yes?

    You are being moved somewhere FABULOUS for YOU.

    Lucky us to tag along.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  9. Erica ...

    Thanks so much for sharing updates of your personal life. I sensed that there was some difficulty going on but had no idea what it might be and only hoped it would be resolved. I'm so happy to hear that it sounds as if it has. I love every part of following you on Instagram, the fun posts with the boys, your lovely home and the projects you are involved with. So glad you have someone in your life that makes you laugh! xx


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