Weekend Project : Mini Succulent Garden

It's no secret that I struggle to keep plants alive. I discovered recently that my level of plant neglect is totally suited to succulents. I actually can keep them looking decent by simply leaving them alone.
I was inspired by images both on instagram and pinterest to create my own little mini indoor succulent gardens.
First I went and spoke to my friends at Amborella Floral studio. They helped me figure out how to go about planting them. I also bought a few succulents there. I picked up the rest at Plant another shop here in Calgary.  

Steps To Create Your Own Succulent Garden:
  1. Pick out container to hold succulents. I had this white porcelain bowl from a previous project. Gather other necessities... I used clay pellets from Ikea, miracle grow soil and then purchased the appropriate amount of succulents.  
  2. Line planter containers with an inch or two of clay pellets for drainage.
  3. On top of pellets fill in another layer of soil. 
  4. Arrange succulents giving each one a bit of breathing space and fill in area around succulents with more soil. 
  5. Mist. 
  6. Place in sun and water sparingly 1-2 teaspoons once every 2-3 weeks. 

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