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Earlier this year I tackled a new big boy bedroom in partnership with CIL paints, for my youngest little guy, LL (here) Ikea dresser hack (here). I love the way the room turned out but felt it could use a little more visual interest. I've always loved Urban Walls seeing stars and it dawned on me one day that this was the perfect place to put them.  I loved how it all turned out and couldn't wait to share.
Getting them up on the walls was a lot easier than I thought it would be once I figured out the math. Here's how I went about installing them:
  1. Plan Out Placement: I created an alternating pattern (on paper) that looked even and symmetrical. To do this I divided the wall in half and that measurement became my middle installation line. You always want an odd number of lines (a middle line with an even number of lines on either side) so that the boarder decals are all the same. Then I divided the remaining spaces on either side of the middle line giving myself a 2" gap around the corners, ceiling and baseboards so as not to crowd the stars. It turned out that the space divided evenly to accommodate 9 lines with stars placed all at exactly 18" apart. To create an alternating pattern I measured out placement of 5 stars in the first top first row all at 36" apart. Working my way down the wall with a level. I then started the second alternating row by dropping down 18" and measured the exact middle point between the top two star measurements in the row above (18" in from each) I made a lot of light pencil lines on the walls but this ensured that all of my measurements were exact and correct. Definitely worth the extra time it took to measure. 
  2. Map Out Placement On Walls: Once I planned and mapped out all measurements with very light pencil ticks on the walls, I then carefully cut out the star decals into individual squares and starting placing each star in its place. I aligned the 4 tips (north, south, east, west) of the stars with the pencil ticks I'd made and used painter's tape to hold them securely in place.
  3.  Erase Pencil Measurement Lines: I made quite a few marks on the walls to ensure everything was level and kept in line. I went back in after everything was secured and used an eraser to remove any trace of my measurements. *also very important make sure you brush away any of the crumbly bits the eraser leaves behind with a soft DRY cloth... you don't want a lump under your decal! 
  4. Install Decals: Now that every star was in place I was able to stand back and confirm that I was pleased with the placement and could move on to installation. To do so carefully remove the decal backing. I found the painter's tape I used held the placement of the star well enough that I could gently roll the star down and the tape kept in place perfectly with where the pencil ticks had been. I then used some force to smooth out any air bubbles over top of the protective layer on the decal. I then carefully and slowly peeled the top layer back also removing the painter's tape all in one smooth, slow steady movement.
The best part is that LL loves his room. 
Many of you asked on my instagram sneak peek where things are from so I included a good selection of sources below. The beds (most inquired about) were from Crate and Barrel and they no longer have them but I've found a few similar styles that I like just as much. 

Find your perfect Urban Walls decals (here). For Seeing Stars direct link (here)

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