Family Room Fabulous | Planning 02

As summer comes to an end I've found myself so focused on projects outside that I've had little time to work on anything inside. As the weather starts to change I know I should start to put my focus on my family room. It gets the most use and it's going to start to feel bare. I posted it's current sad state [here] and have been pinning inspiration [here].
This is what the space looks like now...
Our original ottoman was damaged beyond repair and was never really the right size but I loved the style of it, so I ordered a similar one in the right dimensions. It arrived last week and is in the image above. So exciting! I will also need a new lamp, despite loving the old one, it doesn't work and is likely not able to be repaired. We'll see. So in the meantime I think I'll pick something out just in case.
Now I just need to work on the rest of the accessories and soft touches. I might even paint a new canvas for the space. 
Here are some of the things I already have and/or am considering ordering for the space. I think it all works together quite nicely. Now I just need to make some decisions and get ordering. 


  1. I have one just the same but smaller and on black! I love it so much! Perfect for resting!

  2. What colour paint did you use on the walls? It looks like a lovely shade of white - soft and neutral at the same time, with the slightest tinge of a yellow undertone.


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