A Serene Sleep Bedroom Update | Better Sleep Prize Winner

In follow up to my sleep post I thought I'd share a round up of my additional favourite bedroom space accessories. When it comes to designing our homes I've noticed time and time again that people leave their bedroom space to be the last on the list to address. We spend hours of our lives in bed so I'm always of the mind that we should really address this space first.
Beautiful accents make spending time in your bedroom that much more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions and below is the winner of the better sleep prize package too!

My Top 5 Bedroom Design Tips:
  1. Use a tray on your bedside table (like the marble one above) to corral extras. I keep scented candles here, matches and a strike, a lidded container so tiny earrings don't get lost, flowers when I have them, coasters, etc...
  2. I've become a huge fan of using a savvy sleepers satin pillow case (here). My hair and skin have never been better. 
  3. Investing in one good set of sheets is so important. I love my Serena and Lily ones (here). Investing in two good sets means you have a back up set and you're not stuck waiting on sheets to wash and dry to change them.  
  4. Keep a lidded water glass (here) on your side table. It's a little luxury to not have to get out of bed at 3am when you're thirsty or have a dry throat.
  5. The perfect bedside lighting makes all the difference, especially if you read in bed. Invest in something you love with the right proportions and you'll be thankful that you did.
The winner for the giveaway was comment 30 out of 42, belonging to Alanna Dunn.  Congratulations Alanna. Look out for an email from me. I read each and every comment and was delighted that so many of you liked my tips... especially the emergency bedside kit.
Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday on this lovely long weekend. xo Erica
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