Adding Glamour To Your Boudoir Blog Hop

Hello friends. So I've joined in with some lovely ladies, whom all have gorgeous blogs, to share how we create functional yet beautiful boudoir areas. If you've come over from my lovely friend Summer at She Leaves A Little Sparkle and you're new to MOTH Design, thank you so much for joining me. I'm touched by this wonderful group of ladies and their gorgeous blogs.

There's something so incredibly enjoyable about displaying the things you use everyday in a beautiful way. When it comes to our personal spaces in our homes we often overlook styling the more private areas that visitors don't see. However, putting some extra effort into organizing the things we use everyday can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

My closets were shared with Stye At Home in their designer secrets issue not too long ago. When I put these spaces together I divided them by a bright closet and a black and white one to create two striking dynamic spaces. Here is a side by side.
I found it easier to sort all wardrobe items out by colour rather and I loved the striking visual it created. 
I've used pretty little crystal candy dishes and antique silver trays to show off and contain perfumes and jewelry. Another trick, I've always liked to use items for purposes other than they were intended when it comes to display. For instance, I keep my watch straps in an old candle jar. It's pretty and practical at the same time by making use of something that would otherwise be garbage. 
All of these looks are of course anchored by a bright white backdrop on both my walls and the inside of the closets. (Closet Interior components all Pax Wardrobe from Ikea) 
Little square lucite organizing trays keep belts and other goodies in their place and quick to find. 
all images via Style At Home, taken by Tracey Ayton
For more tips on how I created these spaces or to see the original Style At Home article visit- (here)

I've been so impressed at how all of the other ladies in this blog hop have approached the design of their spaces. So many pretty things to see. Please be sure to go see sweet friend Yuni's gorgeous space at Love Your Abode next. Thanks again for joining me! xo Erica


  1. Oh wow Erica!! My jaw is on the floor. Everything is so stunning, especially against that white background. I love how everything just pops! I'm with you on the color-coordination and have to do the same. Your dishes are all so gorgeous and I love how you've displayed everything. Truly brilliant and swoon-worthy! So glad you joined us and shared! I'm so inspired! xoxo...

  2. YOUR CLOSET IS AMAZING ERICA!! Loving the way you have everything organized. I feel inspired!



  3. I've never before had so much closet and clothes envy. Your home is just too beautiful!

  4. I love your classic style. It's so fresh, modern and super chic! What a wonderful way to organize all of your beautiful accessories!!

  5. I need to organize may space too. Inspired post with a lot of great idea for a well organized closet.

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