The Art Of Picnicking

Summer is officially here. One of my favourite things to do is plan a picnic and make an afternoon of it. Whether it's a large gathering of family and friends or a more intimate date with the one you love, it's nice to pick a spot and spend some time outside. With the right essentials there's no limit to the approach or style of the picnic. It's just as easy to plan a brunch outing or a romantic evening spread for two. Here are the essentials you'll need to plan the perfect picnic.

1. The basket:
There are many options. Ones that come fully loaded mean you wash up after, but they're a good investment because they can be used and reused.
2. A blanket:
This sets the stage and if you're as into making things pretty as I am you want to pick out something that represents your style. I love this black and white gingham one. It packs easily with a carrying handle and has a water resistant backing.

3. SPF:
Of course I try and pick a spot with some shade but UV rays will still find you. I love this celazome slow release spf from XO Treatment Room. (here)

4. Bug Repellent:
This natural product by Saje keeps the bugs away and is completely safe to apply and reapply. (here)

5. The perfect sun hat:
Need I say more. This one has been a sell out hit across the country.

6. Food:
If you're not necessarily wanting to prepare food yourself inquire if your favourite restaurant will pack up the items you love most on their menu. I'm loving UNA's new takeaway on 17th Ave. (here)


Of Note: If you're in the Calgary area and looking for a full service basket you can pick up a pre made one from River Cafe. They offer the most amazing selection. With 24 hrs notice they'll pack a delicious array of goods for $32 per person. Enjoy your picnic and just return the basket later. No prep or fuss, and another serious bonus, all their food packaging is compostable. Order online (here) or call (403) 261-7670 


  1. If it rains the day of or day before, don't forget to bring a vinyl tablecloth to put under your blanket to keep you dry if it doesn't have a waterproof backing. You can find them at the dollar store. 
  2. Bring a kitchen garbage bag to pack dirty dishes in.
  3. If bringing wine try to go with a screw top or pop a bottle opener in your basket. 
  4. Wet wipes are a nice touch to clean up after. 
Enjoy! xo Erica

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