Beauty Secrets Revealed

It's been said that we should always put our best foot forward... but truth be told we all want to put our best face forward as well. We all want to look young and fresh with healthy hydrated skin, but without guidance it's not always easy to achieve that.
I'm lucky to have found XO Treatment room. People are constantly asking me what my secret is... it's regular visits to Annie and the rest of the XO crew. I feel like I've never looked better.

Annie's mantra is to approach skin care with consistency and regular maintenance rather than desperate measures when it's too late. I'd have to agree with her. Since following her suggestions I'm happier than I've ever been with my complexion.

Four things I've implemented to achieve beautiful skin:

1. Skin Care Consult- I went in and saw Annie, XO's lead skin care expert. She helped by tailoring a very edited daily skin care regime. I had been going through multiple steps prior and spending a fortune on products that weren't benefitting me or my skin type. I'm now using the new Kat Rudu line. XO treatment room is the first and only skin care spa in Canada to carry this celeb cult, cruelty free, plant based, vegan skin care line. I love it and I've noticed differences in the texture and evenness of my skin tone. Plus it smells amazing.... like fruit, lazy sundays and unicorns.
2. I've been getting facials once every 4-8 weeks. The girls at XO suggest what to book based on what they feel with benefit me most at the time. I love receiving tailored care based on my needs.
3. I decided to have XO's Titan Up done. It's a non invasive skin tightening treatment that achieves astounding results with literally zero down time. For the treatment a wand is used over the face to conduct deep thermal heating of the dermal layer to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin. Maximum results show in 4-6 weeks.
4. My last item I cannot live without is the Marine Collagen supplement. Drastic results with this stuff as it strengthens nails, thickens hair and most importantly stimulates new collagen growth in skin.
Check out XO Treatment Room for yourself (here).
This post was sponsored by XO Treatment Room. All opinions, enthusiasm and gratitude is completely my own. I genuinely have loved every experience at XO.


  1. bought the collagen! thank you! love it xx nichole

  2. I have been interested in the Kat Rudu line.. Is that the only skincare you use? I have been product jumping and using so many things. SPF and cream moisturizers break me out., any issues with her moisturizers/creams?


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