Peony Season

I think every single girl I know feels a sense of joy when peony season arrives. One of my favourite things to do is to pick up fresh flowers for myself on Friday afternoons. I was delighted to receive a surprise delivery of the most magnificent white peonies from Couture La Fleur this last friday.
I admired them all weekend, moving them around the house to my heart's content and was impressed that on day 4 they still look as fresh. I can't begin to tell how amazing they smell. They've delicately scented the whole main level. I love how all the icky stem stuff is hidden in that pretty hat box too.
Couture La Fleur also has the loveliest selection of roses. I already have my eye on a beautiful bouquet of pink ombre roses once peony season is over. But in the meantime I can't get enough of peonies... maybe I'll order myself some pink ones next!
Check out their selection under the shop tab on their site. Pssst- peonies are listed as 'feature floral'. Thanks Couture La Fleur. I love them. 

Sponsored by Couture La Fleur. Styling and opinions my own. 


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