Around Here | Family Room Update

Have you ever hit a home decor road block? The kind where you just don't bother to decorate at all? My family room and living room were used for a few different shoots last fall and sadly once dismantled were never put back together. I'm tired of looking at bare walls and sofas... but on the bright side, carte blanche is the best launching point.
I'll be updating my family room, sharing inspiration and a reveal over the next little while as I pull together a new look for this space on a budget. (See what it used to look like here) I'm going to try and shop my home and repurpose things but I might need to order a thing or two. I'll be pinning up a storm here. Follow along and give me your two cents.
So my inspiration doesn't veer far from what I always seem to do... white with tone on tone, taupe and grey with some black and metallic accents. It's ok to always love the same things. The space needs to remain family friendly. I'm not one to have a precious space that my boys can't actually use. Here's a peek at the current state of the space.

I will be keeping all of the furniture pieces and am contemplating a new light fixture but the truth is I still love the current one. I will need an area rug so the sofas stop slipping around. I'll make some decisions about these things in the next post and will share what I have on hand. Happy Memorial Day weekend American friends. xo


  1. I know you're going to work your magic in this space, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes. Are you painting anything new perhaps?
    p.s. Thank you for sharing real life pics...I appreciate that your pillows aren't always fluffed!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do, Erica. It always looks so beautiful!


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