Weekend Update

I've been feeling a little like I've been buried under paperwork lately. Getting ready for tax time is no joke, especially when like many of us, my files aren't necessarily the most organized. I've been running on empty and decided that this weekend would be about relaxing, a little indulging and some family/me time. 
Also I'm excited that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I do love how this fun festive little holiday celebrates love and perks up the doldrums of February. 
My first task on this chilly Saturday was groceries. I picked up some lovely pink blooms to brighten my day. I love how if trimmed just right they'll last all week and greet you every time you walk in the room.
Next up a trip to the optician. My little Lolly is an avid reader. He's so proud when he can sound out words all on his own and read through a whole book, but his eyes were often a little red. A trip to the eye doctor revealed he needed reading glasses.  He looks so cute in them I could eat him up.
Our Saturday continued to be busy prepping for a photo shoot with Dote Magazine tomorrow. LL also needed a haircut and this time I didn't feel like doing it. So off we went to the barber. In the hustle and bustle of the day I decided to treat the boys and myself to a pit stop at McDonald’s. No cooking for me tonight and I love that they have quick vegetarian options too.

I was surprised and delighted to find that until Feb 15th, McDonald’s has partnered with HarperCollins to swap out their Happy Meal toy with a limited edition book. There are four books altogether in the collection... and all four have a Valentine's Day theme and a little pull-out card in the back – so cute. Family reading time is really important to us around here so I love that McDonald’s is incorporating that and encouraging a love of reading in their happy meals. Lolly loved them too and was so pleased that Ethan got a Happy Meal and gave him his book. Another fun thing we discovered through these Happy Meal Books is that you can download little corresponding children’s activity sheets on their website (here). Lolly had a lot of fun exploring on their site. Talk about a happy outcome to Saturday. Tomorrow I plan on staying in pajamas all day. Thank goodness for the drive-thru because I've promised LL we can go back and get the second two books. Ha! 

Post sponsored by McDonald's all opinions my own.

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