The Art of Display | Match and Strike

I remember as a child gazing at the impressive array of matchbooks my grandmother had collected as mementoes on her many travels and displayed on her coffee table. I can vividly recall laying under the glass table and looking up through the bottom of the clear bowl that held the match books to see where they were from. The collection was like a diary documenting my grandparents adventures and seemed to cover the whole globe. I thought of this recently and decided to explore all things match related.
My friend Tommy Smythe has the most impressive collection of antique match strikes and a huge fish bowl of matches much like my grandparents had. I remember seeing it at the first Christmas party I attended in his magnificent home and being warm hearted with memories. I don't know if I ever told him but it certainly was a moment for me.
I too have intended to pick up my own matches in my travels, however, smoking has dwindled and so has the presence of the collector matchbook in restaurants and lobbies. I've noticed though that interesting matches and strikes can be purchased everywhere. I myself always keep my eye out for the elusive white tipped match. Design Darling sells a wide array, including white tipped ones (here
I love the simplicity of this strike/match combo from Domino (here). Perfect to take perch on a kitchen tray with a candle to banish overpowering cooking odours. 
If collecting matches isn't your thing you might instead be taken with this new original watercolour from the aesthete (here)
I love my jonathan adler strike (here)
The last interesting discovery... these matches are gloriously scented. Why you might ask? They delicately scent the space around them, and upon lighting they smell wonderful and subtle. Made by Cire Trudon, who've been in the candle business since 1643, you can trust that they're truly decadent.
I'm doing my best to look for matches now. I'm hopeful that perhaps one day I'll have a display as lovely as my grandmothers. In the meantime I'll thoroughly enjoy the variety that arrive in the mail. 
xo Erica


  1. Love this! I think I saw on Modern Dukes Instagram account they have the scented matches. I need to make a trip into the city Saturday to get some. :) thank you! xx Angie

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