Beauty on a Small Budget | Revisited

A little update with regards to what I've been up to around here. My part of the Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge with CIL Premium Paint has wrapped up, but I was so inspired by the changes around here that I've decided to keep working on small paint projects. I have a fun holiday photo shoot coming up and I realized this was the perfect time and opportunity to add some detail to the living room walls. I added chair rail moulding in oversized panels. I'm so excited with the outcome.
It only took a few hours to install the trim. We drew it out first on the wall (as can be seen in the bottom left) and then started measuring out the trim to mitre it and nail it in place.
Next up I went over the entire wall with a coat of CIL Premium Paint in the scrubbable flat finish in a colour called White  on White. I love how I was able to cut out the step of priming the trim because CIL Premium Paint has a primer right in the formula. 
Stay tuned... I'll be posting finished images of this space very soon. In the meantime, have you entered the CIL Beauty on a Small Budget Contest? There's still time to get your #CILPremiumBeauty entry in to be eligible for the 5k grand prize to The Home Depot. It's easy to enter, with any paint project big or small- check out full details {here

Post sponsored by CIL Paint. All styling, opinions and project ideas are my own. 


  1. Hi Erica! would you recommend painting the wall after you put up the trim or paint them separately and then put up the trim?

    I love what you've done! Can't wait to see the room finished!!


  2. Hi Giselle!

    I think it would likely be easier to paint the wall first and then apply trim and paint it. This way you're just going over the new trim work with a brush. I personally love an angled sash brush. Because CIL premium has a primer built in you can skip the step of priming.

    Good luck!

    :) Erica

  3. I just purchased CIL's "white on white" and wanted to know if you could provide me with some info. on how it actually looks on walls. Is it a very "white"/stark white or does it have a soft look to it? More specifically, are there any fluorescent or harsh undertones to it? I wanted a darker white but didn't want to go with anything too dark since the paint salesperson told me that paint dries up to 2 shades darker. Now I think "white on white" may be too light. (Its for a basement with some small windows and a lot of potlights). Thanks! :)


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