Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge Reveal

I'm so excited to share how my Beauty on a Small Budget project with CIL Paints turned out.
The whole point of the challenge is to fix up a space by painting something to make updates on a small budget. I chose to fix up a room for my youngest little guy, LL, that had previously been shared by two of my older boys. Because he was able to stay in his current room for the duration that I was fixing up the other, I thought it'd be that much better to surprise him by putting him in his new room while he was sleeping at night. That part was pretty magical. 
I reused things I already had on hand with the exception of the IKEA dresser, everything else was transformed with CIL Premium Paint. 
The walls hadn't been painted in forever. I went with a shade called White on White. I love it.
The dresser, an IKEA hack (previous post) was painted in Surreal Blue in a satin finish.
I then did a coat of a colour called Intercoastal, also in a satin finish, on a mirror that had previously been bright red. I'm so happy with this shade of grey.
Intercoastal looked so amazing on the one side of the room that I decided to paint out some shadow box frames on the opposite side above LL's day bed.
 I was amazed all along at the quality of CIL premium. The built-in primer cut out the need to do multiple coats. Also, I already scuffed the wall and was amazed at how scrubbable and therefore practical this formula is for a child's room. There was virtually no odour and the paint formula has no VOCs so I don't need to feel like I'm moving him in to a room that's off gassing. It's safe and fume free. 
So there you have it for my reveal. I'm truly so pleased at the outcome and grateful to CIL Paints for including me in this challenge. Don't forget to check out Lisa Canning and Poppytalk's reveals too. 

How to enter for the grand prize

In the meantime here's your reminder to enter CIL’s Beauty on a Small Budget contest. Someone in Canada is going to win a 2hr design consult and 5k worth of gift cards to The Home Depot to put towards a home refresh. It might as well be you. All you have to do is tackle a paint project, big or small, before Nov 29th. Post the finished image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with your CIL Premium Paint can in the image and hashtag #CILPremiumBeauty. Winner will be selected at random. 

Full contest details can be found here!

Post sponsored by CIL Paint. All styling, DIY ideas and opinions my own. 


  1. Mighty good work once again, Erica! I hope LL is enjoying his new digs.

  2. Do you have the source information on the art above the day bed?

  3. @lolo This print was mine as a baby. I did a little research and discovered that it's a print of a piece called Spring Cleaning Noah's Arc by W. Heath Robinson. You can likely still find a poster to order online. Good luck with it! :)


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