At {Mine} Newest Web Addiction

Have you heard of At {Mine}? I discovered it recently and am fully addicted. It's an interiors photo sharing community, somewhat like pinterest, curated by people with photos of their own homes.
I'm loving the glimpse it provides at different homes around the globe. Decor on each continent varies so it's interesting to delve into personal collections. I found myself completely lost in many of the pages.
The photos are slightly more casual, perhaps almost instagramish, because they're snaps from peoples homes rather than from a shoot in a magazine. There's a realness aspect about it that's incredibly charming and refreshing. 
Here I've linked each image back to the page I discovered it on.
Plus I love that it's broken in to categories, so if you're looking for some inspiration in a specific spot it's easy to find and user friendly. Another bonus is that the site lets members tag photos with links to items in the photo, enabling the viewer to easily find and purchase goods they've seen. The site is on Instagram as well ( @atmine ) for when you'd like to scroll on the go. As I said, I love this new little gem. I've spent so much time scrolling that I haven't added much, but you can find my profile (here). 
Hope you enjoy At {Mine} as much as I do. xo

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