The Art of Brunching

Hi friends. With the spring upon us and Mother's Day fast approaching, I'll be partnering with my favourite beverage, Simply Orange to do a post series on entertaining; more specifically brunch. In today's busy world brunch can be relatively easy to prepare and the idea of hanging out mid day seems much less formal than a dinner party. I find if the set up and clean up aren't completely overwhelming we're more likely to host occasions more frequently… and besides, I just like a reason to buy fresh flowers. So, in the next few posts I'll be sharing my most relevant tips, recipes, decor ideas and must haves.
What's your favourite brunching tip or memory?
PS- Happy Easter sweet friends. xo

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  1. Over the years I've let go of the need to be a perfect host and now I buy some things I serve premade and I used paper plates. It frees up more time to see guests. Looking forward to this series. Eliza


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