The Art of Brunching | Simple Menu Ideas

I love having get togethers with family and friends. However, sometimes it's hectic to arrange a formal sit down dinner, so I often turn to hosting brunch. It's a casual and relaxed way to entertain and getting organized is far less complicated.
Mini foods became a novelty some time ago. They're easy to make ahead of time at home, and almost everything you can imagine can be purchased pre-made at your local grocery store. Serving bite sized items means that guests can graze, walk around, and socialize. This also means less clean up for you!
One of my favourite things to serve guests is mini yogurt parfaits. I use wide mouth 250 ml/8 oz mason jars. You can fill the bottom half of the mason jars with vanilla greek yogurt the night before. Cap, refrigerate, and set them up assembly line style in the morning. I put out bowls of granola, fresh berries, honey, dried nuts, etc… for guests to top their yogurt as they please.
Marble Pastry Board (here) and (here
250 ml / 8 oz Wide Mouth Mason jar (here) and (here)

I'm thinking this is what I'll do for Mother's Day Brunch. What are your favourite brunch foods?

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