The Art of Brunching | Decor

One of the things I look forward to when hosting brunch is the set up. I love having a reason to buy flowers and creating coordinated serving vignettes. I came up with a way to make pretty, yet budget friendly, floral arrangements. In keeping things fresh for spring, I incorporated lemons for their scent and a pop of yellow.
I had three 2qt mason or cracker jars on hand. I cut lemon slices fairly thick and stood them up against the inside walls of the jar. I then placed an ikea juice glass (which fits perfectly) in the center and filled it with water. This will hold the lemons in place and provide water for the cut flowers. I picked up some simple florist bunches from the grocery store and cut the stems all to the same length leaving the center stem slightly longer to stand above the rest.

I love how they turned out. You could also change this arrangement, based on season by using cranberries in the fall or watermelon slices in the summer. Happy Brunching!
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  1. These arrangements are so pretty. I'm going to copy them but with oranges. My sisters and I are surprising my mom with a trip to florida for mother's day. Oranges will be the theme of the brunch. THanks for the great idea. xx Angie :)
    And ps- we drink Simply Orange too. We love it.

  2. Nice Collection. Attractive all Picture. Nice Art of Brunching.


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