Moth Maison Family Room

We all have a favourite spot in our homes... where we feel most relaxed and at ease. A place where you can gather to hang out, read, watch tv, talk with loved ones, etc. In my home that room is most definitely the family room, adjacent to the kitchen. I'd say we spend the bulk of our waking hours in these two spaces. It's important to love the space you spend the most time in.
Style at Home magazine shared this space last spring. To this day I still receive emails from many of you asking where the different design elements originated. I've put together this post sharing some of the original sources and some almost exact replicas so that you to can shop my family room elements.


  1. The colour scheme is clean, classic and very royalty like - nice.

  2. I love your designs! Could you maybe do a post on how you keep your hoise so immaculate with the many children and decor you have? And if it's not too much to ask, maybe a future post on decorating smaller spaces such as apartments? Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your blog. ❤️

  3. Love this. Ordered the light for my family room. Thank you!! Eliza

  4. No matter how many places I see this room is still one of my very favorites! Your whole house is a dream! Any suggestions for pillows? and the lamp? I found a similar lamp at Costplus but it much more petite. Also the side table the lamp is on and the little stool, any suggestions? Thank you!!!


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