Weekend Recap

Hello lovers. I became suddenly quite ill last week. I'm much better now but it was strange to spend the entire long weekend in bed. I'm not going to lie... it was actually really nice.
I spent time looking at pinterest, catching up on some blog reading, watching movies- that part was pretty great. I've been gathering inspiration for my major backyard overhaul and garden party. It's all coming together.
I started with stocking up on these Oh Joy for target party supplies. All on clearance now!
Plus I cannot get enough of Wisteria. Nothing seems to grow here in Calgary, but this tough vine has come back in my yard. This is NOT mine pictured below but I hope mine is as thriving one day. I'm headed to Home Depot ASAP to pick up more before it sells out. If you've never smelled it, the scent is divine! What I'm pleased about is the fact that it survived over the winter in a large planter. It's an indication that anyone could have one almost anywhere and all the proof I needed to go and buy several more! Oh, and a few more peonies, of course.
What's your favorite addition to the garden? Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

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  1. Love Oh Joy stuff. And my favorite garden addition is peonies too. I guess I need to give Wisteria a try. xx Angie


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