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Hello! I've been excited to share my next big personal project is a major garden/deck overhaul. I hate to share before pics because they ug up my blog. So you'll have to imagine the worst.
In usual Erica fashion, I want to skip details like rototilling and dirty fingernails to focus on planning a vibrant, juicy garden party. Who can blame me? The summer season is short here. 
I decided to get started with party planning while I wait for the snow to melt. Yes, snow. I ordered this drink dispenser (via chapters indigo) to serve white Sangria plus an alcohol free version. I was pleased that I actually thought to order two in the midst of my online excitement. I adore that they're fashioned after the classic mason jar and seriously, when have meyer lemons ever looked so fab? (also available via world market + via pottery barn
The next detail fell in to place when my friends at Crave Cupcakes posted this fun custom buttercream colour chart; for special event ordering, on their instagram. First of all, they have the BEST cupcakes... second, I'm a lover of any chart. No really. I love the legends that come in chocolate boxes... that's just me. I will undoubtedly pick all of the colours and then repick them once more. 

They're going to look so great on tiered cake stands. I was thinking some jadeite ones in varying sizes like this. (via)
I've also been sourcing out some fun planters and pots, floor cloths, etc. When I didn't necessarily find all the accents I wanted I came up with ways to make them. I'm pretty excited to share those projects soon too. I think you're going to love them. Until then.... xo


  1. Just ordered two of the mason jugs. Big price ($50) difference between world market and pb! $40 for two instead of $140 for two. All I could hear in my head was "start the car!" thanks lady! xoxo Angie

  2. A party with Sangria and cupcakes sounds perfect to me! It would be difficult to choose a color for the cupcakes. Perhaps you should try one in every color! ;) Yum!


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