Things I Dig Thursday

What I'm loving right now...
Have you ever seen prettier matches?! I think not. Reason to light every damn candle in the place. I was delighted to receive mine this week. Via BelloPop on Etsy. 
via bellopop
I was intrigued by the hype over Old Navy's new pixie pant so I ordered them online. They arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to wear them out, with some booties (it's still snowy here) for a fun dinner with my girls last night. I love them. Now everyone wants a pair.
image credit a little dash of darling
official trailer here
If you're a Wes Anderson fan The Grand Budapest Hotel was such a feast for the eyes. I may even go to see it twice. Also check out this fun Wes Anderson Palettes Tumblr. 
It's almost the weekend friends! xo


  1. Those pixie pants are so cute! I want to see Grand Budapest Hotel...so much eye candy.

    Have a fab weekend, friend!

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