Homemade Ketchup//02

Not too long ago I started making small batches of my own homemade ketchup. Mostly for health reasons. The store-bought variety is so ridiculously full of high fructose corn syrup. Not to impose any of my dietary beliefs on anyone here, but if I'm going to give my kids sugar, I'd rather join them with a cupcake or something of the like… not have it hiding in a condiment. I’ve played with several recipes, this latest one has an apple as it's secret ingredient, and my boys have loved it on smoked gouda grilled cheese sandwiches, with homemade olive oil roasted potato wedges, etc


  1. This looks delish! I don't normally eat ketchup at all, but I will definitely be trying this out for my husband. Thansk for sharing!

  2. This sounds and looks amazing. I honestly think I will try this. I normally don't like to use ketchup because of the sugar content. I know I will love this and I'm sure my husband will as well.

    Thanks Erica,

  3. I can't wait to try this Erica. Thank you.

  4. Oh this is perfect for my hubby ..... he's totally on a diet kick right now and ketchup is his weakness. I shall make some and let you know how it flies!!! xx T.


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