Demijohn Lamp Tutorial

Hey yo! It's Friday. If you know anything about me it's that I'm a lamp lover. I truly love lamp.
I'm also a bargain, pretty on the cheap, lover. I recently found a great demijohn at Target and decided that to turn it into a lamp would pretty much be amazing. It turned out so well, was easy, quick, inexpensive to make, and looks great, if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait to share. Go ahead and make one... you'll be so happy you did.
(ps- if DIY is beyond your patience or interest there's a link below for basically the exact same lamp)
Here's what you'll need:
  1. Demijohn 
  2. Clear Electrical Cording
  3. Bottle Wiring Kit 
  4. Oversized Washer Compatible with Bottle Mouth Dimension
  5. 8" Harp and Finial
  6. Lampshade (mine is 11"Tall x 17" base diameter)

Ok. Set? Here are the steps to assemble your new lamp:
  1. Take cord out of package and using take a minute to pull the cord straight, releasing any of the packaging kinks out of the plastic so that your cord hangs nice and straight behind the bottle. 
  2. Wire socket and put it back together. 
  3. Assemble. Put threaded rod in to socket base, put harp base on threaded rod and tighten washer under that. (I sprayed the oversized silver washer gold)
  4. Glue assembly to the opening of the bottle with clear silicone. Before you set the socket assembly in the glue ensure that the seams in the glass are at the sides or back rather than down the front. Also make sure the cord is running down the back and the actual lamp control is at the front or side and easy to reach.
  5. Leave silicone to set and cure at least 8 hrs or as per instructions on the glue type you use.  
  6. Attach lamp shade to harp. 
  7. Plug in, turn on, stand back and admire that hottie of a lamp you made.
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  1. You are a genius I tell ya!! This is so simple and gorgeous! Fab job!

  2. This is fabulous and so gorgeous! As is the entire vignette!

  3. Looks fantastic! Love your blog.

  4. What do you do if the lampshade won't sit straight?

  5. @anonymous Sometimes you can slightly bend the harp to make the shade sit straight. It may take a bit of finessing. Good luck.

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