Leaning Chandelier Tutorial

It's Friday yo! It's been an eventful last few weeks here with the excitement of the Style At Home feature in their Sept issue, and then a spread in Rue's latest issue. The experience has been pretty fantastic, and I wanted to say I'm grateful and am touched by every kind comment that's been made even if I've flaked a bit on saying so. Consider my heart officially warmed.
Today I thought I'd share this sweet little DIY with you.When I replaced my bedroom fixture with a pretty capiz number, I didn't want to just get rid of the black chandelier that had been there. I had the idea to change it from a hard wire to a plug to make it like a lamp, so that I can move it around. I thought it would look pretty awesome leaning on one of the living room consoles in the corner.
Here's how to make it...
1. Purchase a plug/converter, mine was $3.46, from your local hardware store. I asked someone in the electrical aisle to help me pick out the correct plug type.
2. Open up plug. Make a hook shape out of the wire light fixture ends once the marrettes are off and tighten  hooked wire ends under screws, hot to hot and cool to cool. 
3. Close and assemble plug.
4. Test to make sure it works.
5. Voila, sexy, unexpected, casually leaning chandelier. Here it is all glam at night.
Hope you like this as much as I do. Happy Friday! xo 


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