The Cooks Make Ketchup

If there is one thing around here that my boys just can't seem to get enough of it's Ketchup... this of course a close neck in neck with peanut butter. Honestly, you'd think these things were basic necessities of survival, like oxygen and water.
I try my best to keep informed about living a healthy lifestyle. I'm pretty sure that bottled ketchup isn't the best to eat in mass quantities. There's been great concern and debate about the amount of high fructose corn syrup in many things. Ketchup is one of them.
I started making the stuff at home not long ago. It's fun and tastes great, with no guilt if you eat extra.
My latest creation was a batch of Kimchi Ketchup. I'm sharing the recipe today on Standard Issue. So pop over and try making some of your own.
In the meantime here are some behind the scenes of our last ketchup making session LL keeps things lively.
 Check out the recipe and all the pretty still shots (here)
Happy Monday loves. xo


  1. All I can say is that you my dear, look lovely and little Lolly is adorable. That Kimchi ketchup sounds very intriguing. My hubby would probably guzzle it by the bottle.

  2. I have been making my own yogurt now, so easy in the crockpot. I must try ketchup! Will pop over to check out the recipe! Fabulous photos BTW!

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