Hump Day Holla

Remember when I did my #wholehomeoverhaul, in prep for the Style At Home photo shoot? I worked fast and furious to switch up pretty much every corner of our house and posted the details on Instagram.
Well, it's on again.
There are some more very exciting projects on the horizon, best of all giving me opportunity to work with people I admire. On the heels of being so sick I'm not entirely sure where the creativity will come from but the ideas always seem to work their way out just in time. Wish me luck and I'll share some behind the scenes along the way.
Wishing I bought this headboard when I had the chance.
I was loving this space as inspiration for the last shoot, however I didn't have time to pull together such an impressive collection. Working on it... but not for the bathroom because those bottom frames would be covered in pee in my home. True story.
Happy hump day sweet loves. The weekend is almost here. xoxo


  1. Covered in pee...true story. Love it!

  2. HA!! They'd be covered in pee in mine too. ;) Looking forward to seeing the new projects.

  3. love the honesty :) I have boys here too, lol..


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