Happy Saturday + An Update

This week has been something else. Nothing bad, just lots going on.
I got away to Vancouver last weekend for Blogshop. So much fun and such a good experience... I learned a lot  and it was inspiring to listen to Angela and Bri. I heart them as much as blogshop- I really do.
The week before, this little man had a birthday. Where does the time go? He picked these birthday clothes for himself. He really is just like me. We celebrated, but weekday parties never feel like enough.  I decided that I'll pull together a weekend party soon too. He's only 5 once right? 
As I'm sure many of you have likely been able to guess, I was prepping the house for a photo shoot- and let's be real, the photo shoot lasts for two days but it's such a good feeling to have your home just as you want it for everyday life after. I've changed things up considerably. I'm still working on things, as my ideas progress or the straggler orders arrive in the mail and things are gradually coming together. Some of that next week.
In the meantime....
it's the weekend. Hope yours is great. xo


  1. such a handsome little dude!!! I'm excited about your home overhaul and can't wait to see the reveal! the sneak peeks on instagram have been amazing! have a wonderful weekend.

  2. OMG. How cute is he?!! Happy Birthday little man! Hope you guys have a great weekend. I cannot WAIT to see the pictures from the photo shoot xo

    Rai Atelier the blog
    Rai Atelier the shop

  3. Erica your little guy DOES have a great fashion sense; just like Mommy!

    Art by Karena

  4. Happy birthday Lolly!!!!! Your little man looks damn hansom. Those shoes are way cute! I hope you put your painting back up on your fireplace after the shoot, it's so lovely and it has such great meaning. Love ya girl.

  5. happy weekend, and happy birthday to your little one too. My oldest is about to turn 4, where did that time go?


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