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Hey loves. I wanted to say I'm touched by the response to my family room post, comments and emails (I still have to get back to some of you). I guess I was a little taken aback at the sincere interest and concern with regards to the life I lead behind my posts. It's heartwarming to know that you are all so genuinely happy for me. Thank you.
While I should clarify that things are certainly not perfect around here, nor will they every be, the prospect of a new design challenge in my own home has been great. However, I had to laugh because as I've been touching up paint and taking down old drapes the laundry is piled sky high and we've had cereal, frozen pizza and some other frozen food aisle delights for dinner the last few days. Here's hoping the kids don't get scurvy.
I'm on a roll with finding the best inspiration and fun bits and pieces for the space. There will be a couple of tutorials later too that I am BEYOND excited about.
First up, it's great to replace this little guy. I had one that LL broke about a year ago. I've never seen them again anywhere. It's online only through Anthro-you better believe I ordered this up promptly.
Um, hello faux bois speaker. I've had my eye on you for awhile but not for $128. 
Now at $39.95 I find you even more sexy, so in the cart you went with the above guy. 
I have no clue how I'll hook it up but at this point, but Mama likes to rock and that's all that matters. 
The following images are just making me happy, happy, happy.
follow along with my ideas here 
I'm dying to find those sedums so I can buy them, enjoy them for a week or so, and then kill them promptly, as only I can. This week has flown by- so happy that the weekend is almost here. Also I'm headed to a fun little event at Anthropologie tonight. More on that tomorrow. 
What's on your agenda?? Happy Thursday! xo


  1. BOOM tastic is that log! - HOLLA and on sale!

  2. Sabrina Soto actually made one of those cloches for her show High/low project, using a cake dome with a wooden base. It was cool, and looked super easy.

  3. that speaker is awesome! I have to say that I just went through your vine feed and I literally laughed out loud...your house sounds so much like mine! and just incase it makes you feel better our dinner menu has been pretty much the same this past week! I don't know what's going on with this week but honestly, wasn't it just Monday yesterday?!

  4. Your house feature over at 6th street design was awesome!
    I really love your style:)

  5. LOVE! And so hilarious too. Here's to rockin mamas! I can barely finish typing this without jumping over to anthro and see about that log and cloche. Have a lovely day lovely you!


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